Our Mission
We want to empower everyone to be able to contribute to climate solutions. The adventures of the Climate Heroes in our line of children’s books come to life here, where children can learn more about how they can help take care of our world! We also offer lesson plans for teachers, interactive climate lessons for all ages, tree kits to jump start your growing efforts, and much more! Check out the Tree Science page to learn more about how planting trees can reduce global warming, or visit the Climate News section to read the latest on global warming and reforestation!

“That night, while waiting for her mom to come and tuck her in, Sarah listened to a soft voice as it trailed off into the night.

‘Remember the trees, Sarah, remember the trees!’

She waited for more, but all she could hear was the wind whistling through the dark branches. Why did the voice say she needed to remember the trees?”

- Excerpt from My Tree and Me

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