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Posted By: Addie Klimek , 6 months ago

Welcome to WOURLD, an online climate education and tree planting community! This is the forum where members can ask questions, share their progress through the WOURLD Academy, and talk about their own ideas to save the planet. The WOURLD Academy teaches students about climate solutions like tree planting and renewable energy, and how to implement these solutions in their own communities!

Every lesson you complete helps plant trees around the world:

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Posted By: Addie Klimek , 1 year ago

One of the simplest ways we can balance out our carbon emissions is by planting trees. If you have your own backyard, you could likely start there! Otherwise, see if local parks or organizations like the Forest Service have volunteer tree-planting programs. 

If you want to plant a tree on your own, it is important to choose the species carefully, to avoid accidentally introducing an invasive species to your area. The Arbor Day Foundation has a website (below) that will tell you the best type of tree to plant, based on your zip code and the type of tree you want in your backyard.

Once you find the right match, you can order seedlings straight from their website! You can also find them at a local garden center or nursery, or in other online shops. Before digging, make sure you research and follow all proper tree planting guidelines, including locating underground utilities and choosing a good site. Specific information about each seedling can be found at or wherever you purchase it.  

Soon, you will also be able to purchase education kits from our online store including seedlings and all the information you need about tree planting, plus carbon storage and tree science! 

Posted By: Blake Blaze , 1 year ago
Thank you for visiting our site! We're just getting started and would really appreciate your feedback. Feel free to comment here or start your own thread about planting trees, community climate events, or... anything else, really. As long as it's community-minded and posted with the intent of making our world a better place.