10 months ago
Thanks for the feedback Holmes. All good points. You can definitely harvest seeds you find near you - this time of year sycamore seeds are all over. Just pick a seedball off a tree or off the ground and pluck a few seeds off. Add water and in about two weeks you should have some sprouts.

Marcus after Aurelius and Smart. 
10 months ago
Yo Blake,

The site looks great. Congrats on getting it up and running.

Does this feedback go straight to you? Or is it posted publicly? Unclear...

Here's a few thoughts from just perusing the sight briefly.
-Registration process was a little tricky with the date. It was hard to get the right year. Might want to add a simple text entry or something. Also, you might want to add a few more gender options. I dunno. I'm not the best person to ask about that.
-I liked that your tree is named Marcus. After Aurelius? I'm 90% done with Meditations right now.
-Is there some resources about how to harvest seeds and plant them? I read the article about how to buy seeds from Arbor Day, but I noticed I have a lot of those in my area. Can I just take some of their seeds?
-On the section "If planting trees won't be enough, what else can we do?" Can you provide more info? Which of these is the most effective? What are some alternatives I can do instead of just "using my computer less?"
-For the book, could your provide a sample? Maybe a few pics, some of the lines, etc.
-I like the projects section. That is cool.
-Also liked the Climate News section. Maybe you could include some links to further reading, other resources, etc.

Just my $0.02. You can ignore all this if you want. Good luck.

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